Sarah, Plain and Tall

Review by Martin

Sarah, Plain and Tall is a historical novel about a woman named Sarah. She answered a newspaper ad to be a wife for a man that she never met.  The story takes place in the late 1800’s, out west, on the prairie.  Sarah, a girl who kept in touch with a family, wrote letters to Jacob, Anna, and Caleb.  Anna, an older sister of Caleb, is also one of the main characters. Sarah came to visit their family.  Sarah did not want to leave and go back to Maine. She decided to stay with them.  She cared a lot for the kids.  Sarah goes out to live with them.

This novel takes place back in the 1800’s. Back then, papa writes an ad for a wife; today it this would not happen.  The clothing was different from our clothing because the girls have buttons on their dresses up to the top to the neck.  Boys also had old-fashioned clothing.  The food back then was not the same as we have today, because they have different kind of rice and bread. 

My personal experience with Sarah, Plain and Tall is when Sarah went on the train I took a train to Connecticut, and at my camp I would send notes to my grandma in Connecticut when she was in the hospital.  My mom and I will write notes to my family.

I recommend this book to kids my age because how Patricia McLachlan wrote the book.  The book was exciting from the book.   I give this book 4 stars out of four stars.


Review by Becca


arah is the main character. There is also a father and 2 children, named Anna and Caleb. They live in Kansas and their mother had died and the father sent out to look for a bride. Caleb does not know if Sarah will like him, and he is curious. Anna is about my age 10 or 11 and she loves her dogs.

The father writes letters to Sarah every day until he can pick her up in the wagon Sara she came to love Caleb and Anna and especially the father. And the wife would dance and sing it would be so awesome for us, the father would say to the children. She still misses the sea.  My opinion of the book is that it was a good book because it would be hard to live in the Wild West, and this book tells what it looked like.

This took place in the late1700’s when they rode in wagons there wore button up dresses and ate soup and biscuits.  Things were different we don’t have to put advertisement in for a wife.     

I give this book 3 stars out of 4 stars


Review by: Brittney

The main characters are Sarah, Anna, Caleb and Jacob. This book takes place in the 1800s out on the prairie. Caleb and Anna experienced some sadness after Caleb was born, because their mother died. After a while Anna and Caleb’s father put an advertisement in the newspaper for a wife. A woman named Sarah from Maine wrote back, saying that she would love to be part of Anna and Caleb’s family. One day Anna and Caleb’s father went to go pick up Sarah from the train station to join their family. Sarah missed Maine when she got to Anna and Caleb’s house but she didn’t want to leave them behind and go back to Maine. Sarah loves to swim in the ocean so she thought she could teach Caleb and Anna to swim in their cow pond out back which we have today. Caleb and Anna loved to swim after Sarah taught them to. Sarah learned how drive the wagon from their father. Their father and Sarah went out to town but when their father came back Sarah was not with him. Anna and Caleb were sad because they thought Sarah was not coming back. They were standing on the porch for a while when they saw dust coming up the road and it was Sarah.

 Things were different back then because men put an advertisement in the newspaper for a wife. We don’t do that today. Also, it took Sarah a long time to get to the prairie and today we have cars, fast trains and planes to travel in.

My opinion of this book is that I loved this book because it was about the old times and the book tells you about how it was in the day’s back then. I learned how the old day’s worked and how they cooked their meat. I give this book 4 out of 4 stars.


Review by Mary

 In the book Sarah Plain and Tall there is a girl named Sarah that moved from her home town (Maine) and moved in with a different family because the father put an article in the newspaper looking for a wife. She wrote back to the father. This book took place in the 1800’s, which is why Sarah had to write back instead of calling or emailing. Anna and Caleb hoped their dad and Sarah would get married. They don’t think she will because Sarah loves the sea and they live by the prairies. In this book Sarah learned things such as how to drive a wagon and Anna and Caleb learned things such as what “ayuh” means (it means yes, Sarah said it in Maine).

The characters in this book were Anna, the one who tells the story. She is a very nice girl. Jacob is the father of Caleb and Anna. He is hoping to marry Sarah. Caleb is a little boy that is called loud but seems very nice. Sarah is a very nice lady that is hoping to marry Jacob the father. Sarah was that she didn’t have much, like food and things to do.

 When Sarah Plain and Tall took place, there were no cars or trucks, there was no candy or good yummy treats, there were wagons that they hooked horses to and they pulled the wagon .They ate bread and soups and some items from a garden.  

My opinion of the book was 3 out of 4 stars because I like historical fiction books. It just was not my favorite type of book because I like more action, but I think this book was very good. I would recommend this book to someone that likes historical fiction books that take place long ago.


Review by Kelsi

I read Sarah Plain and Tall .the main characters are Sarah, Caleb, Anna, and Papa. Sarah was a kind and friendly person.  Caleb was a nice and smart kid. Anna was a hard working and friendly girl. Papa was a hard working and kind person. The book Sarah, Plain and Tall was mostly about Sarah coming to the prairie by a ad in the newspaper to be a wife. Sarah Took a Train to Maine and papa picked her up by the wagon and brought her home.  And one important event is that Caleb Learned how to swim. Another important scene was when information Sarah learned how to drive the wagon.

This story was in the late 1700’s when cars weren’t made yet people communicated by writing and seeing them in person after traveling by wagon. I could relate to scenes in this book like learning how to swim. And I felt the same way as Sarah did like missing the stuff back in Maine. I loved this book because it talked about the prairie and I like learning about the prairie. My favorite part in this book was when Sarah came to Kansas.

This book ended pretty well but I wish it would have had a wedding in it. I would recommend this book to my cousin Brittany, because I think she would enjoy this book. The type of reader that should read this book is an adult or kid that ENJOYS reading books about the prairie. My connection is that I’m learning about the War and when the war was happening it was In the late 1700’s and that is when the book takes place.

Star Rating:  3 stars! This book was pretty good!


One response to “Sarah, Plain and Tall

  1. Cyndi Piro

    I agree, that this author does a good job of telling us about the prarie and the way life was in that time era. I think it must have been hard back then to move so far away from home like Sarah did. I’m glad she found a family to love. If you like this book, you would really enjoy Caleb’s Story. It is also written by the same author and happens right after Sarah Plain and Tall.

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